Top 4 Home Business Ideas That Earn Money

Whether you are keeping a regular eight-hour job or are staying full time at home, there are many home business ideas that you can explore.

After all, whatever you earn in the office today will be significantly supplemented if you allow yourself extra hours a day for a second job. This is especially important in today’s economy, where even college graduates are competing for minimum-wage jobs.

We will start with four simple but doable business ideas, not complicated ones like dropshipping, and then expand from there over time.

Pet Care

People love their pets and you should capitalize on it. Dog grooming alone, without bathing the dog, costs an average of $30. Hundreds of people, including your neighbors, buy pets and fail to groom them. Many pet groomers charge exorbitant fees because they have to pay their overhead costs such as the rent, the employees, electricity, and so on.

You, however, will not have to pay these since you will operate at home. Even if you only have a regular clientele within a two-mile radius from your house, you will have a steady source of income. Just make sure you provide high quality service so your customers will refer you. There is no advertisement as powerful as word of mouth.

Day Care

If you have children of your own to take care of, chances are you know how to deal with their tantrums and you understand their needs. At a minimum, you can charge $300 a month per child.

If you do not have an office job to maintain and you pretty much stay at home the whole day, you might as well open a day care. Scout your area if there are many working parents. Find out the average age of children so you have an idea of the type of day care you will provide. 


This is probably one of the best home business ideas only if it also falls within your line of interest. If you have a talent for this, setting up shop in your own home should be a breeze.

You can start with basic photography and then move on to portraits later on. Many hobbyists have found financial freedom through photography, especially now that everything is digital.

With digital cameras, you do not spend on films and you can guarantee customer satisfaction because you can show your customers the output right away prior to printing. In addition to this, you can take photos of a lot of things, and sell them online.

One way you can sell your photos online is through Fiverr. You can find clients, too, who have specific requirements. charge clients for these photos, and charge more if they want to retain 100% copyright.


Bonsai is an art. It is difficult to really master the art of bonsai but from business perspective, it really pays. Acceptable bonsais, which refers to bonsais that are still artistic in quality but not really that high in grade, can sell for an average of $700. Very good bonsais can be sold for about $2,500.

The only challenge for this home business is that it takes a while for a bonsai to grow. This means that your capital is stuck in the plant for a while.


Keep in mind that before you start your own home business, you must be aware and compliant of state laws. If the type of home business you want to start requires permits and licenses, please obtain so prior to setting up shop.

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