At Last- We Have the Top Six Mind-Boost Activities to Make You Productive

In the age of technology, we are all subjected to mental stress every day and sometimes, we cannot help but lose our concentration.

And then we feel terrible.

We become unproductive, we get lost in our priorities, and we accomplish nothing.

If you have been like this for a while, you can lose your job. You can damage your relationships, and worse, you can lose your self-esteem.

Do not let this happen to you!

Let me show you six things I do to keep me productive!

1. Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is never negotiable. With this said, I am not talking about the number of times you eat every day. You can eat as much as you want but make sure that the foods you eat provide you with proper nutrition.

Stay away from fastfood.


Brown bag it if you must. Cook your own meals at home and take it to the office.

Take a lot of fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in natural sugar that will give you a quick boost of energy. Fish is also a great brain food because it is rich in Omega oils.

You also need to watch the contents of the food you eat. To improve the mind, you need to eat foods rich in zinc, Vitamin E, C and A.

2. Eat Less

If you eat less, you will experience lesser of this thing called “brain fog” or “sugar blues”.

You see, the brain sometimes get so clouded with sugar and other nutrients that it starts concentrating on the distribution of these chemicals instead of focusing on what you are actually doing. This makes you sluggish and mentally weak.


Eat several times a day, but control the portions. Eating less is much better as you are giving your body the opportunity to metabolize that food, and this will prevent your brain from getting your brain all too foggy.

3. Increase Oxygen in the Brain

The brain needs oxygen to work properly. People suffer from stroke or cardiac arrest if the blood flow to the brain is limited.

You can improve blood or oxygen flow to the brain if you take time to relax and simply breathe in and breathe out. You can also do this by taking food supplements rich in Ginko Biloba.

A weird thing to do, but is equally effective, is to invert your body. If your head is on the floor and your feet are up in the air, the blood will flow to your brain quickly. Do this only for a few seconds or minutes as this can cause you to feel nauseous.

4. Avoid Harmful Substances

Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco kill brain cells. Taking these substances damages your brains and the cells eventually die.

Keep in mind that once a brain cell is dead, it cannot be replicated. For every dead cell, you lost a memory. You lose that connection that once made you great at something.

You may not notice it now but soon, you will see that you have a poor memory and that your brain has lost its ability to think fast.

5. Take Food Supplements

There are food supplements designed specifically to help the brain function well. These supplements may contain drugs like Phophotidyl Serine and Vinpocetine.

These drugs are known to speed up learning and reverse memory decline. Keep in mind that supplements should be taken at a doctor’s advice because each person has a different tolerance level and reaction to drugs.

One highly recommend food supplement is Organifi Green Juice.

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6. Relax and Meditate

Meditation can take the brain on another subconscious state. This allows the brain to fully optimize its potential. Meditation helps you relax, improve blood flow to the brain, and increase oxygen distribution to the head.


With meditation, your brain can rest. You can shut yourself out from the daily nuances of life, thus giving yourself, and your brain, more opportunity to focus.

After meditation, you will feel relaxed, in control, and highly-motivated.


Help your body achieve its full potential by being active, eating the right kind of food, and avoiding harmful substances. You can also do this by taking food supplements that will supply what your body needs. These food supplements are designed to give you what your daily food intake fails to provide.


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