4 Common Headaches Clients Face When Working with Freelance Writers

Your core competency as a marketer is to find the right niche of people who share the same interest with the product or service you sell.

The caveat is that these people need valuable insights and content from you. As a result, you work with freelance writers who, supposedly, have the competencies to deliver great content for your readers.

The nagging issue is that marketers face horrific results from freelance writers. Choosing the wrong freelancer causes you to lose valuable time since you either have to pick another one to redo the work, or you ask the freelance writer to edit what he has submitted.

Below are some of the most common headaches that a marketer typically has to deal with when doing business with a freelance writer.

The Inability to Follow Deadlines

Freelance writers do not work a nine-hour job, and thus they will hoard as many orders as they could. The flipside is that they do not meet these deadlines because they get swamped with work.

As a marketer, you should learn early on that you must provide yourself with an allowance as far as deadlines are concerned.

For example, you need to tell the writer that your deadline is Friday even if the actual day you need the article is Tuesday the following week.

This strategy gives you ample time to recover should the writer backs out or fails to meet the deadline.

The Inability to Follow Instructions

We need web content not only because we provide great and meaningful articles to viewers but also because we want search engines to index these articles.

Search Engine Optimization and Latent Semantic Indexing are two critical techniques in making websites appear on the top pages of search engines. The rules that govern these must be followed by the writer to make the articles search friendly.

But not all freelance writers are created equal. Some freelance writers perform poorly on following instructions, and this failure can result in an article that does not meet your SEO requirements.

The Inability to Create Valuable Content

Some writers are new to the industry. Some do not have what it takes to be a writer. As a marketer, you will meet writers whose idea of writing is to put as much fluff and nonsense in the articles.

Writers like these are those whose only goal is to meet word count requirement without taking into consideration the value that a reader and a client get out of the finished product.

As a marketer, it makes sense that you test out every writer you will partner with. And do not pay a dime if the articles submitted to you do not meet your standards.

The Inability to Use the English Language

These writers had their success with clients whose only goal was to produce an article that typical writing mills provide. They have also experienced success from clients who only care about keyword placement and not value.

Some examples of their English sentence structure are as follows:

“Your instant message ought to be laser engaged and brief. There’s no space for lightening in portable advertising. Know who your intended interest group is and talk specifically about it. Forget superfluous subtle elements and just depict how to exploit your offer and its advantages.”

Here is another one.

“Nobody needs to get writings from an organization unless the messages offer something of quick esteem. Since content informing is a prompt medium, you ought to incorporate continuous offers. Regardless of whether you’re giving data about a deal or another item, the message ought to depict the advantages of acting at this point.”


English is a second language for many writers, including me, which isn’t so bad except that many writers from some countries tend to translate English directly from their tongue. Worse, they use software spinners that regurgitate useless content.

The result is a terrible concoction of words that have no value whatsoever.


If you are purchasing your blog posts from freelancers, do not be afraid to ask for samples. Get the freelancer to go through a test, and pay for that test if you like what the writer did. If not, then you have nothing to lose.