Tips Before Buying Boiler Replacement in Cambridge

Is it time to replace your boiler?

Before you spend £3,000 for boiler replacement, allow us to give you a few golden nuggets of knowledge. We here at Prime Time Boilers specialize in boiler replacement in Cambridge.

Over the years, we have learned what is best for our consumers and we want to share this to you before you jump the gun.

Consider if it is really time to replace your boiler

Boiler replacement costs increase every year. The average price is £3,000 for the boiler. This does not include the installation and maintenance fees.

To most people, this is unaffordable. And worse, you may make the mistake of replacing a boiler that simply needs repair.

Consider replacing your boiler if it is a very old model. Old boilers leak carbon monoxide, a toxic fume that can cause death.

You cannot smell it and there are no devices that can detect it except special strip tests, which the common man has no access to.

A boiler typically lasts a decade or around 15 years. If you bought a house that already has one, you must do what you can to know the boiler’s age.

By the time the boiler reaches maturity, its efficiency also significantly diminishes.

This may save you an upfront replacement cost but it will come back at you in the form of a higher electricity bill.

Shop for a good deal

Since boilers are expensive, it is not unusual for businesses in this industry to offer installment plans. Some will offer a small deposit prior to installation and charge you an average of £40 per month.

At Prime Time Boilers, you can have a brand new boiler absolutely free of initial costs!

We have a Zero Finance Deals promotion and we offer the following terms for boiler replacement in Cambridge:

0% deposit – no need to shell out any money. Get your brand new boiler right away.
0% APR – we do not charge any interest. We believe that customers do not deserve to pay more than the cost of the boiler.
Deferred initial repayment – if you are short on cash, you can defer paying the first term of you loan.
Repayments from £16 per month – most companies will charge £79 per month. At £16, we have drastically reduced your monthly cost by 80%!

Only trust accredited companies

Not everyone who claims to be an expert is one. At Prime Time Boilers, we have certificates to show that we are compliant with legal expectations.

Our boilers are also Rated A+ and are fully customizable.

Prime Time Boilers is accredited by:

The Gas Safe Register – the official gas registration body in the UK. Any legitimate entity doing business in gas and cookers must be registered in this organization.
•National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting – NICEIC is an organization that assesses and certifies companies and contractors dealing with electricity and energy.

It is the regulating body of the UK to ensure that businesses dealing with electrical components are well trained and compliant with legal requirements.

These are only a few of our accreditation. We will be happy to show you more from our offices.

Replacing your gas boiler does not have to come at a steep price. But most importantly, it should not pose a hazard to you and your family. At Prime Time Boilers, we are ready to provide you an experience that helps you:

Make the right financial decision – we will not replace boilers that simply need repairs.
Meet your budget – we have great Zero Finance Deals.
Be safe – our accreditations say it all. We know what we are doing.

If you boiler is the problem, Prime Time Boilers is the solution.

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