Best chainsaw bar oil

The chainsaw bar is the chain that holds the blade in your saw. It looks like a bicycle chain that is connected to the bike’s sprocket and plate.

Because the chain runs along the guide, and the blade comes into contact with the wood as you saw, it gets a lot of friction. As you know, the friction causes heat and can damage your chain saw. 

To prevent this, you need oil. The thing is, not all chain saw oils are made the same. And this is what I want to discuss with you today—everything you need to know about oil so you can choose the best chainsaw bar oil .

Why do you need a chainsaw bar oil?

You need oil because it lubricates your chain as it rotates against the bar. Too much friction between these two metals can cause the chain to burn. Without oil, you will also get to experience frictional force on the motor, which can damage it. 

Now, you may think that oil is oil. No, they are not made the same way. You cannot use cooking oil to lubricate your chain, and you also cannot use any kind of grease that was not made for it. 

Also, there is an ongoing debate as to whether you can use cheap motor oil for your chainsaw. Many people say that it is motor oil anyway, so it must work. 

I discourage you from doing this, as a chainsaw oil has a high-tack additive. It is this chemical compound that prevents it from slinging off the chain. It makes your chain secured against the bar instead of it slipping off and causing accidents while it is rotating in full force.

Reasons not to use motor oil

Old-timers would insist that motor oil will work just fine. They never had accidents, and they will tell you that there is no need to buy expensive motor oil.

Recycled motor oil is dangerous. Once you drain it from a vehicle, it is going to have metal particles. And this is not good. If you distribute these metal particles in your chain, you are just adding insult to injury. These metal particles will burn up your bar and chain, and will eventually lead to higher maintenance costs. 

Another reason why you should never use motor oil is the sling effect. I have mentioned this in passing earlier, but it makes sense that I add more details to it. 

The chemicals in used motor oil are already broken down. It no longer has the sticky substance that makes the chain stick to the bar. As such, the oil is likely to splatter all over the place. Apart from the danger I mentioned earlier, you will end up having to clean your gears more often.   

What to look for in chainsaw bar oil?

Because there are many manufacturers of chainsaws, there are also many options for chain oil. But what should you look for? 

There are basically two types of chain saw oil, the thick and the thin. You will typically use a thick oil during summer and thin oil during winter. 

Now, let us take a look at the things you should be looking for: 

Biodegradable – today, we must do what we can to help protect the environment. Most oils are not biodegradable, which means that they do not decompose. They stay as waste, and they harm the environment. Choose a biodegradable oil, so when the time comes that you have to dispose of it, the environment will take care of it, and it does not end up in rivers and oceans. 

Thickness – you also have to consider thickness when choosing an oil. Thicker oils are better because they can stay on the chain for long periods of time. The main issue with thick oil is that it has the tendency to collect sap and debris. What happens is that your cutting power gets reduced. 

What you want is to use the right thickness according to the temperature. In hot temperature, the oil gets thin, and this is why you have to use thick oil. During winter, however, the oil gets thicker, and this is why you have to use thin oil.  

As the oil gets thicker because of the cold temperature, it does stay on your chain longer. However, it does not get so thick enough even with sap and debris to clog your chainsaw. The reverse happens during summer. If you use thick oil, it gets thinner as it also accumulates sap, but it does not get so thick as to affect your saw’s performance.  

Budget – how much are you willing to spend for your oil? There are many kinds of oil brands that you can choose from, and I will be providing the best ones later on. In my experience, biodegradable oil is cheaper. 

Now, I have to clarify my position about the use of biodegradable oil. I am not advocating that it is the only oil that you should use. If the one you choose is not biodegradable, just dispose of it properly.

How do you use chainsaw bar oil?

Before I discuss the best chainsaw barsaw oil, let us talk a little bit about how to use the oil. 

The first step is to put your chainsaw on a level surface. Next, unscrew the cap of your reservoir and then fill it with the chainsaw oil. Do not overfill it. Put the cap back on and then wipe any oil that got spilled in the process. 

It is as simple as that. It is really like putting oil in a car when you do change the oil. 

So, how often should you add oil? 

You need to top-up your oil every time you refuel your chainsaw. It ensures that as you start working on another project, the reservoir has an adequate amount of oil. Many modern chainsaws allow you to adjust the oil distribution.

Yes, you can increase and decrease the amount of oil that gets pumped into the chain as you work. To know when and how to make this adjustment, you have to read your manufacturer’s user manual. 

The best chainsaw bar oil  to choose from

Oregon 54-026 Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

I like this one because it is an all-season lubricant. It does not matter what time of the year it is; you can use the oil on any weather condition.

What I really love about this oil is that it works on both gas and electric chainsaws. That is how versatile it is. You can also use it for hedge trimmers or other chain gear. It is also easy to pour.

As far as performance is concerned, this brand delivers extra tackiness. What does that mean? It means that it prevents slips and throw offs regardless of the weather condition. And because of this, the oil allows your machine to work efficiently. 

It also protects your saw from normal wear and tear; it is like a film that acts as a barrier against the friction. Apart from that, it also protects your chain from corrosion and rust.

STP Tools and Chainsaw Oil Treatment

STP is a trusted brand that produces oil not just for chainsaws but also for engines. This particular product was made to maintain high-level chain performance. I love the fact that it is ready for use. Just pour it—no need to mix it with any other chemicals.

This oil uses anti-wear technology. It means that it acts as a protective layer of film to lessen the heat produced by friction. This anti-wear chemical agent is what’s going to make your chainsaw last longer. 

It is also tackier, which prevents slips and throw offs. On top of that, the chemical composition of the oil is based on special formulation. It minimizes resin build-up, thus allowing you to produce smoother cuts.

If you like this one, it is available in several container sizes like 128 ounces, 32 ounces and 12-pack 32-ounces.


Who has not heard of this brand? In our blog, you may have observed that we have recommended several Husqvarna products. As such, the oil is no different. 

I can say from my own experience that this is one of the best oils out there. It has the capacity to optimize your oil performance. It is tacky, and this tackiness helps deliver performance that is safe and reliable.

Husqvarna has been around for 300 years. Not thirty years but thee hundred years. It used to manufacture bicycles and motorcycles, but it has sold that business already. Now, Husqvarna is a premium brand for power tools. 

I strongly recommend this oil if your chainsaw is Husqvarna. If you want to learn more about Husqvarna, you can read my review of the best 18-inch chainsaw. One of the saws that I recommend is a Husqvarna that works best with this oil.

Husqvarna Forest and Garden

This is sold by the gallon, and it is best used by those who are actively using their chainsaws. The reason I am adding this on my list is that it works best for all Husqvarna models. It is made of a premium blend of oils and chemicals that makes the final product tackier than many types of chain oil in the market.

Like the previous best oil brands that I recommended earlier, this one acts as a protector. It prevents your chainsaw from common wear and tear due to friction. The tackiness of the oil also ensures that you do not have to worry about the likelihood of slips offs. 

If you use this brand, the chainsaw is going to work well because of the way the chemicals were mixed together. The oil prevents the unwanted side effects of friction, making your chain rotate faster and use the maximum power that your engine can provide.  

Mag 1

You may not have heard about this, but it is so good that it belongs to the list of Amazon’s choice. What I like about it is that it is versatile—you can use it in different chainsaw brands and other machines that need oil. I used this on both my chainsaw and pole saw, and it worked perfectly fine.  


There you have it—the best chainsaw bar oil  that you can choose from. I hope I was able to help you today, and that I have answered some of your questions about chainsaw bar oil. 

In summary, here are the most important things that you need to remember:

  • Choose biodegradable oil if you can
  • Use thick oil in summer and thin in winter
  • Top-up your oil reservoir every time you refuel

Now that you know everything you need to know about the best chainsaw bar oil , head on to Amazon and check out my recommendations. Ask me questions in the comment section below if you have any.

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