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5 Tips on Dealing with a Freelance Writer

I started my rodeo with freelancing sometime back in 2008. Over those years, I have had my fair share of projects that went sour. I realized that the most common source of problems between freelancers and clients is miscommunication. Or the lack of it. But what is it that will […]

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The Rise of Digital Nomads

If you have seen someone immersed in his laptop in Starbucks, then it is very likely that you have seen a digital nomad. They are called so because they do not have a single and permanent area to do their work. Barcelona is one of the fastest growing hubs for […]

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Content Writer VS Copywriter: What is the Difference?

In the last ten years that I have been writing content, there were particular occasions when some of my clients asked if I write copy. This stumped me, as I did not realize back then that there was a difference between content writing and copywriting. I skirted around the issue, […]

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5 Steps to Write an Article That People Actually Read

Whether you are a blogger or a copywriter, you need to write an article that people would actually read. The thing is, it is easier said than done. If you look at the work of marketing gurus like Neil Patel, you would realize how he puts a great deal of effort on just one article.

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