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At Last- We Have the Top Six Mind-Boost Activities to Make You Productive

In the age of technology, we are all subjected to mental stress every day and sometimes, we cannot help but lose our concentration.

And then we feel terrible.

We become unproductive, we get lost in our priorities, and we accomplish nothing.

If you have been like this for a while, you can lose your job. You can damage your relationships, and worse, you can lose your self-esteem.

Do not let this happen to you!

Let me show you six things I do to keep me productive!

1. Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is never negotiable. With this said, I am not talking about the number of times you eat every day. You can eat as much as you want but make sure that the foods you eat provide you with proper nutrition.

Stay away from fastfood.


Brown bag it if you must. Cook your own meals at home and take it to the office.

Take a lot of fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in natural sugar that will give you a quick boost of energy. Fish is also a great brain food because it is rich in Omega oils.

You also need to watch the contents of the food you eat. To improve the mind, you need to eat foods rich in zinc, Vitamin E, C and A.

2. Eat Less

If you eat less, you will experience lesser of this thing called “brain fog” or “sugar blues”.

You see, the brain sometimes get so clouded with sugar and other nutrients that it starts concentrating on the distribution of these chemicals instead of focusing on what you are actually doing. This makes you sluggish and mentally weak.


Eat several times a day, but control the portions. Eating less is much better as you are giving your body the opportunity to metabolize that food, and this will prevent your brain from getting your brain all too foggy.

3. Increase Oxygen in the Brain

The brain needs oxygen to work properly. People suffer from stroke or cardiac arrest if the blood flow to the brain is limited.

You can improve blood or oxygen flow to the brain if you take time to relax and simply breathe in and breathe out. You can also do this by taking food supplements rich in Ginko Biloba.

A weird thing to do, but is equally effective, is to invert your body. If your head is on the floor and your feet are up in the air, the blood will flow to your brain quickly. Do this only for a few seconds or minutes as this can cause you to feel nauseous.

4. Avoid Harmful Substances

Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco kill brain cells. Taking these substances damages your brains and the cells eventually die.

Keep in mind that once a brain cell is dead, it cannot be replicated. For every dead cell, you lost a memory. You lose that connection that once made you great at something.

You may not notice it now but soon, you will see that you have a poor memory and that your brain has lost its ability to think fast.

5. Take Food Supplements

There are food supplements designed specifically to help the brain function well. These supplements may contain drugs like Phophotidyl Serine and Vinpocetine.

These drugs are known to speed up learning and reverse memory decline. Keep in mind that supplements should be taken at a doctor’s advice because each person has a different tolerance level and reaction to drugs.

One highly recommend food supplement is Organifi Green Juice.

  • Packs 11 of the world’s most powerful super foods
  • Designed to kick-start your body’s important processes such as detoxification, energy production, and stress management
  • Great for people in weight loss programs and those who have health issues
  • A 30-second solution to get your daily dose of veggies

6. Relax and Meditate

Meditation can take the brain on another subconscious state. This allows the brain to fully optimize its potential. Meditation helps you relax, improve blood flow to the brain, and increase oxygen distribution to the head.


With meditation, your brain can rest. You can shut yourself out from the daily nuances of life, thus giving yourself, and your brain, more opportunity to focus.

After meditation, you will feel relaxed, in control, and highly-motivated.


Help your body achieve its full potential by being active, eating the right kind of food, and avoiding harmful substances. You can also do this by taking food supplements that will supply what your body needs. These food supplements are designed to give you what your daily food intake fails to provide.


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3 Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing – Read This Before You Get Started

Just because you saw a video how to make $1,000 per day doesn’t mean you should jump into it right away. Most likely you have seen a video about affiliate marketing, and you thought it was easy.

True enough, the affiliate marketing industry has taken the world by storm. It is one of the few businesses that have used the information highway to its full advantage.

And this success can be yours, too.

But what exactly is affiliate marketing and how does it work? A lot of people claim that you can rake in money with very little effort. But how true is it and what are the risks?

The Business Model

Let us start by defining the concept of affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is all about referring the products or services of another company to people.

For every product or service that your referral pays for, you earn a commission. It is similar to selling but you are not actually selling–you are promoting, which is easier said than done.

All you have to do is find a way for a person to click on a company’s advertisement from your website. And if he buys, the company whose product you sell will trace that the customer came from you.

Then you get paid a commission.

The only thing that you need is your own website, blog, or YouTube channel. Many affiliate marketers use social media, but we will talk about this on another post.

On your platform, your goal is to make sure that people are visiting your site. As you build your credibility, your followers grow, too.

One day, these followers will click on the products you are prmoting and buy. After that, you get paid a commission.

Before you can do this, you just have to be a member of the company’s affiliate program, receive your own affiliate ID and link to put to your website.

In summary: it is like advertising but you only get paid when a purchase is made.

The Business Benefits

Since this is an online business and you practically do not have to create or manufacture your own product, there is very minimal cost.

You only need a computer and an internet connection. Being your own boss, you do not need to rent an office and you do not have to stock your own products, much less do the hard work of inventory and all sorts of analyses that businessmen do.

All you have to do, at the comfort of your own home, is to fill your website with valuable content–things that will benefit people.

You can use SEO copywriting techniques to drive traffic or visitors. You can earn while sleeping since people from around the world may come across your site at any time of the day.

The payment scheme is also very convenient since you have options to get paid via check, PayPal, bank transfer, and many other means. It all depends with the company whose products you promote.


And most importantly, many affiliate companies offer membership for free. After all, you are making them rich, so why bother charging you for any membership fee?

The Business Risks

Now, this is the part that many people forget, that there are busines risks.

You cannot be an effective affiliate marketer without spending money. While there are free methods to do it, like posting your links on forums and social media sites, nothing beats a real business.

Many people who claim that they earn money via free posting do not really have anything to show for it. and I have never seen an affiliate marketing guru who will tell you that the free method is the only technique they use.

In a real business, you need a blog a YouTube channel, and software tools to execute your marketing campaign. You need writers, autoresponders, automation software, screen cast software, web hosting, and whole gamut of products to run your business.

And when you give up, you fail, and you lose everything you have invested.

And add to that the courses that do not make sense. I have heard about affiliate marketing in 2008. I took a course only after I have exhausted free resources online–from blogs and YouTube.

I have no regrets taking the course, as it came from a person I trust.

It is very important that you understand the threats in the online world. There are unscrupulous people who will make offers that are seemingly ridiculous.

Some may offer a guaranteed earning of $3000 a day. Any person who promises to make you rich quickly is likely a scammer.

Several people will also recruit you to pay for “secrets” which usually is something that you can easily find in the internet for free.


Always remember that if it is too good to be true, then it likely is. In addition, try to avoid joining affiliate memberships that charge fees. Keep in mind that you are trying to earn money, not give it away.

Before you start with affiliate marketing, you need a notebook, and turn this into a place where you can create a checklist. Create a plan, search for winning products that you can promote easily, and make sure you only attempt selling those that have high commissions.

Assess what you need, and check how much you will pay on the software tools on a monthly basis. Find a copywriter that you can afford with no compromise to quality.

Then, execute your plans.

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Finally, 3 Exercises That Actually Work to Get Rid of Love Handles

The flab on your waist, also called love handles, can be such an ugly addition to your physique. Many people find this very annoying, especially when they are buying clothes.

To the dismay of many, their love handles would not go away. As a result, they resort to processes like liposuction and surgery.

This is not necessary unless you are lazy. You can get rid of you love handles in a perfectly natural way: exercise.

In this article, we will present to you the top three killer exercises to get rid of love handles fast.

The Trunk Twist

Also referred to as the standing trunk twist, this is a great exercise that allows you to warm up for other exercises as you work on your love handles.

Since the love handles, also called obliques, are just around your waist, exercise can burn this fat and strengthen the muscles around it as well. Below are the steps to facilitate the exercise.

  1. Stand with your feet apart, parallel to your shoulders.
  2. Your knees should be slightly bent.
  3. Now, extend your arms with your palm facing away. The position is similar to how you will stand if you will push something away.
  4. The next step is to twist your upper body without shifting your feet. Your hands should go along the direction you are twisting.
  5. Do this from left to right.

You can also put a rhythm to it by counting.

The Lying Twist

Many people call this exercise the leg twist. This is a great exercise after the trunk twist because pretty much, you have already warmed up. To do the exercise, follow the steps below.

  1. First, you need to lie on your back on a mat. Avoid lying on a hard surface because it is not a relaxing experience.
  2. Make sure your arms are flat on the floor on your sides. The palms should be facing down to ease off pressure.
  3. Next, raise your legs upward with your knees bent lightly.
  4. The next step is to lower your legs to one side. Let it stay for around five seconds.
  5. Lift them again and then lower your legs on the other side.

The Oblique Crunch

This exercise is essentially a variation of a popular and common exercise: the ab cruncher. With the ab cruncher, you lie down on your back and you lift your upper body and lie back down again.

The problem with this exercise is it focuses on the fat in the stomach area but not on the sides. The oblique crunch is facilitated in a way that focuses on the muscles and fat on the sides of your belly.

  1. First, lie down on the floor and bend your knees a little bit. Make sure the soles of your feet are on the floor.
  2. Put your hands behind your head for protection and balance. A variation is to put your hands on your chest.
  3. As you lift your upper body, twist it so your right shoulder meets your left knee.
  4. Lie back down and lift yourself up again but this time, your left shoulder should meet your right knee.
  5. Complete several reps and you should be good to go.


Exercises work if they are done right, and regularly. Results happen differently to different people, and the positive outcome is also best supported by appropriate diet.

The only fat loss diet recipe you will ever need!

Coupled with fat-burning foods, you will definitely be astounded at the results! Remember: discipline + consistency plus the right program = success!

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Three Mistakes to Avoid When Looking Forward to a Promotion

I spent 14 years in the corporate environment, and now that I am reflecting back on success, and as I embark on a new journey, I want to share the three most common mistakes about promotion that I have observed from people I have worked with and how they were doing it wrong.


Expecting It to Happen

There are employees who expect a promotion to happen simply because they worked hard and have been consistent all throughout. When an internal position is made open to everybody, some employees do not submit their application, believing that they should be promoted based solely on the merits of their performance.


In some companies, career promotions happen without the need for formal applications, usually after the annual performance review.

From a hiring manager’s perspective, all employees deserve an equal chance to apply. If a department, including your own, released a career advertisement, you have to apply.

You may be the strongest contender but if you do not demonstrate willingness to get promoted—by making your intent known—chances are you won’t. You need to tell your supervisor or manager what your career aspirations are. If you don’t, your bosses may never know.

Talk to them; many leaders value listening.

This expectation is tantamount to hoping. We hope because something makes us afraid and uncertain. We hope because we are afraid of rejection—it is painful.

I applied four times before bagging my first promotion; twice for the second one; once for the third; twice for the fourth; three times for the fifth, and five times for the sixth. I have been rejected many times and at one point I thought of disappointment as my best friend.

But I have to tell you, you can never beat somebody who never gives up.

Not Looking for an Alternative

Don’t you think you should have moved somewhere else? I have advocated to several of my colleagues not to be afraid to move out. If you are ready for a promotion and your company cannot give it to you, ask yourself seriously what you value more—your career or loyalty.

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This choice is yours and yours alone. You may stay in a company for a long time for various reasons: friends, comfort level, location or proximity, benefits, and more. All these are good reasons to stay. However, if your career values are driven towards advancing, then by all means, explore what is out there.

Moving out of your current company is a very tough decision to make. One way or another, you will lose many things that you currently enjoy—friends, mostly. You will be out of your comfort zone.

You will be facing a new challenge—jumping into a void of uncertainty. You will meet new people, several of whom may reject you. I’m telling you, moving out is going to be tough. Your new job may be too difficult for you. Anyway, sometimes it is good to bite more than you chew.

Just make sure you keep on chewing.

Working Smart But Never Working Hard

This is a good subject for debate. For me, there is no way you can succeed if you do not work hard enough. It’s just not going to happen. Even CEOs, rich businessmen, and geniuses worked like a cow. Plow the field yourself before telling someone else how it is done.


Working smart is great but there are only two ways you can achieve this: you either work hard or have somebody mentor you. Working hard allows you to experience things. It allows you to be sandwiched between problems and find solutions on your own.  It involves dealing with people, using your time wisely, planning, organizing, and finally executing.

The forerunner of working smart is working hard. After years of working hard, you would have had enough experiences that will allow you to work smart—you will not repeat the same mistakes, you will find ways to be efficient, you will create action plans that will solve two problems at a time, you will make decisions that will prevent future problems, and so on.

A mentor, on the other hand, shares what he already knows. He allows you to learn faster than what it would take if you go at it on your own. But how often does one find a mentor who will share what he knows?


Before you attempt to work smart, you have to work hard. If you can do both at the same time when you are just starting out in your career, good for you.

Always remember, people who are on top of the mountain did not fall there: they climbed.


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The Value of Listening in Leadership and Management

When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart talk with your team member? When things go bad at work, do you take the time to sit down with an employee and listen to his concerns? Or do you swiftly pass judgment and brush off the issue?

Many managers are led to believe that courage is equated to speaking and dominating a conversation. They just delegate with no regard when delegation can be done effectively. This leads to disgruntled employees.

However, let us not forget what Sir Winston Churchill said—that courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

This happens because many managers never went through training. They did well in their job as an individual contributor, and when they got a promotion, they expect their subordinates to do well as they did.

This can be corrected, of course, given the proper guidance.

The Definition of Listening

In the office, we deal with dozens of issues everyday. On top of our deliverables, we have a lot of administrative work to do and things to manage. Managers have their plates full most of the time that they forget to listen to what their employees need.

In many round tables or brainstorming sessions, it is not uncommon for bosses to shoot down people’s ideas because they want to get things done their way. Little do they realize that listening as a manager is the first step to wisdom and it is also a sign of effective leadership, which has subtle differences from management. But how does one manager effectively listen and understand?

Listening is an art. It is an art when it is done well with the aim of achieving a win-win situation between all parties involved. Listening is a part of good communication skills; this is the best way to develop mutual trust and respect and it fosters an atmosphere of affirmation and interest. To be effective leaders, we must learn to communicate two-way—one of which talking and the other is through listening.

The Process of Listening

When talking to an employee, it is necessary that you take down notes. This is not for the purpose of show but to ensure that you remember. You do not want to miss the important details of what your employee is telling you. You need to repeat the information you heard and validate. Confirm if your understanding of the issue is correct.

If the employee says otherwise, it will not hurt if you ask him to repeat what he said. Only then will the two of you come to the same page. If there is something vague, do not assume that you understood what the person is trying to say. Always remain curious and ask for clarification.

If you have a question, do not interrupt. Ask the speaker if you may say something or write it down and ask your question later on. Your team member will definitely give you a chance to speak. If the discussion is about something sensitive and your employee is being emotional, do not match his anger or frustration with yours.

Keep in mind that you need to be both mentally and physically present. Your eyes should meet the speaker’s and you need to nod to from time to time to show interest.

The Benefits of Listening

As a leader, you can benefit a lot from sitting down with your employee and listening to his issues. First off, you discover things. You have to realize that you are always away from the front lines and you may have little understanding of the daily goings-on in the workplace.

Listening to your employees will enlighten you and will make you reconsider some decisions you made in the past. You will be able to make better decisions because you are armed with information. The things that you heard will give you a different perspective of what you need to get done. It will show things to you in a new light and will clear your head in case you are confused.


Your employees will appreciate you if you listen. They will be thankful to you for finding time to listen to them amidst your busy schedule. At the end of the day, it is always going to be a win-win situation for you.

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Top 4 Home Business Ideas That Earn Money

Whether you are keeping a regular eight-hour job or are staying full time at home, there are many home business ideas that you can explore.

After all, whatever you earn in the office today will be significantly supplemented if you allow yourself extra hours a day for a second job. This is especially important in today’s economy, where even college graduates are competing for minimum-wage jobs.

We will start with four simple but doable business ideas, not complicated ones like dropshipping, and then expand from there over time.

Pet Care

People love their pets and you should capitalize on it. Dog grooming alone, without bathing the dog, costs an average of $30. Hundreds of people, including your neighbors, buy pets and fail to groom them. Many pet groomers charge exorbitant fees because they have to pay their overhead costs such as the rent, the employees, electricity, and so on.

You, however, will not have to pay these since you will operate at home. Even if you only have a regular clientele within a two-mile radius from your house, you will have a steady source of income. Just make sure you provide high quality service so your customers will refer you. There is no advertisement as powerful as word of mouth.

Day Care

If you have children of your own to take care of, chances are you know how to deal with their tantrums and you understand their needs. At a minimum, you can charge $300 a month per child.

If you do not have an office job to maintain and you pretty much stay at home the whole day, you might as well open a day care. Scout your area if there are many working parents. Find out the average age of children so you have an idea of the type of day care you will provide. 


This is probably one of the best home business ideas only if it also falls within your line of interest. If you have a talent for this, setting up shop in your own home should be a breeze.

You can start with basic photography and then move on to portraits later on. Many hobbyists have found financial freedom through photography, especially now that everything is digital.

With digital cameras, you do not spend on films and you can guarantee customer satisfaction because you can show your customers the output right away prior to printing. In addition to this, you can take photos of a lot of things, and sell them online.

One way you can sell your photos online is through Fiverr. You can find clients, too, who have specific requirements. charge clients for these photos, and charge more if they want to retain 100% copyright.


Bonsai is an art. It is difficult to really master the art of bonsai but from business perspective, it really pays. Acceptable bonsais, which refers to bonsais that are still artistic in quality but not really that high in grade, can sell for an average of $700. Very good bonsais can be sold for about $2,500.

The only challenge for this home business is that it takes a while for a bonsai to grow. This means that your capital is stuck in the plant for a while.


Keep in mind that before you start your own home business, you must be aware and compliant of state laws. If the type of home business you want to start requires permits and licenses, please obtain so prior to setting up shop.

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