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What are the different types of plans?

I offer TWO types of plans for my web content services. These are:

1. Single Order

2. Pakage

QUORA Answers can only be purchased through the single-order method. 

eBook has a different price point and also has different plans


Plan Name Single Hobby Business Enterprise
Words Per Article 1200 1200 1200 1200
Price per Word $0.03 $0.03 $0.025 $0.020
Cost per Article $36 $36 $30 $24
Article Count 1 4 8 12
Total $ to Pay $36 $144 $240 $288
Savings per Article $0 $0 $6 $12

Combine Word Count!

If you want an article that is more than 600 words, you can combine the word count. 


You purchased the Enterprise PACKAGE plan.

You paid $288 for 14,400 words. 

I can write two 7,200-word articles, three 4,800-word articles, or any possible combination for as long the 14,400 words is not exceeded.

Each article cannot be less than 1,200 words. 

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