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Can you really write for a living and

make a lot of money?

From: Aaron Matthew

I was employed, but I left.

Just like you, I can say without a shred of doubt in my mind that writing is my passion.

I can do this forever.

I started freelancing in 2008. At that time, I was paid a meager $1 per 500 words. I couldn’t live with that, so I had to maintain my employment.

While I achieved great heights in my professional career, there was this nagging thought in my head. I was not happy. I wanted to write.

Fourteen years in the BPO industry, and I finally said I am done with this.

I left my job with no backup plan in 2018. I had little savings, but there was one thing in my head: I will write for a living online.

Three years later…

My World Domination


articles delivered


countries served


revenue earned

5 / 5

5 hours of work daily

Want the same performance?

I will share everything I know with you!

This course in a nutshell

Bidding Sites

I'll show you the bidding sites where I am most successful, and where you can find clients that pay top dollar.

Scam Prevention

I will give you tips how to avoid scams. In the last ten years that I have been doing this, I was scammed twice to the tune of $1,000!

Content Types

I will teach you the different types of content that clients ask. You will learn how to write them in the proper format and style.

Winning Tips

I have had many ups and downs throughout the year of freelance writing. I will give you all the techniques I know to write winning proposals and improve your conversion rate!

Writing Techniques

The internet is a jungle, and you are competing against other writers. I will show you the proper way of writing for the internet so you can win more clients!

Service Pricing

I'll teach you how to price your services the right way. You will learn how to stay competitive and still earn more than enough to maintain writing as your profession.

Search Engine Optimization​

You want to make sure that your articles meet the various criteria of SEO. Why? Because clients want their web pages to be at the top of search results. SEO is one thing that can make this happen.

Copywriting Techniques​

What is copywriting, anyway? Copywriting is what clients require, and this is what you will provide them. Writing for businesses online goes way beyond creativity—you need to make your readers take action.

Writing for Various Niches​

Should you niche up or niche down? There is no right or wrong answer to this. What I learned in the last ten years is this: you have to write in related niches. One caveat, though: different niches require different writing styles.​


HARO is probably the only legit white hat technique in SEO. If you can do HARO, you are opening more doors for clients looking to improve their SEO performance.​

51 Videos

Total of 51 videos that cover all facets of freelance writing!

9.5 Hours

Total of 9.5 hours of learning time, plus updates!


Benefits of Taking My Course

Make More Money

Make at least $2,500 a month with what I will teach you. If you do well, you can earn more. Some copywriters command at last $100 per hour of work!

Learn Real Skills

I will teach you concepts and best practices that you can apply, not some generalized statements that are not actionable. What I want you to do is to execute what you have learned right after the training!

Save Lots of Time

I spent years understanding how freelance writing works. I do not want this to happen to you. I will show you the most effective techniques to write, get clients, and what mistakes to avoid.

Master the Trade

Be the master of your own craft! I will show you the things that I learned in the past—all of these are from personal experiences that helped me achieve what I am today!

Earn $2,500 Per Month as a Freelance Writer!

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Get a free Excel template where you can log your sales, track your earnings and fees, and analyze how your business is doing!


Create banners

Learn how to use the an online app to create banners for your clients.


Edit images

I will show you how to edit and resize images from a FREE vector software program.


Convert to epub

Clients appreciate it when you reduce their effort. I will teach you how to convert an MS Word file into an ePub format, ready for digital publication in sites like Amazon, Smashwords, Google Play Books, and more!

Get My FREE Content in Your Inbox!

Consume my content for free. Delivered weekly to your inbox.





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